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The Art of Publishing Your Own Book

The idea of publishing one’s own book has been the dream of all amateur writes since books first began appearing in shops. The introduction of the printing press made the dream a bit more attainable, but as of late, new methods of publishing and reaching the masses, making it easier than ever to get your work out there on the market by DIY publishing your own book.

Digital publishing, such as with Amazon is one of the most popular methods, and with good reason. Though there is somewhat of a screening process, it is otherwise quite easy to upload your book, your cover graphic, and other relevant information for Amazon to screen. Once the work is approved, it will be available for the price you specify, and it may gain in popularity depending on the opinion of readers. Once you item is uploaded, ti can be purchased and downloaded to any number of e-readers. Then again, you might want to consider printing your book in hardback or paperback. Luckily, there are services which can help you with that.

The first method you might try is a service which prints a certain number of books for you at a specific fee. There are a number of different choices in this model, for example you can choose the form factor as well as the size. Trade paperbacks are always popular, but most people will opt to go with mass market. This is your decision, of course, but know that it CAN impact the sales. If you are sure that your book will sell, then this might actually be a great option. If, on the other hand, you aren’t sure, then you will need to start exploring other options.

What other options exist? Quite a few, believe it or not. The most common option now is to use a service like CreateSpace. This is a high end service that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Why? Because you can schedule your book to be printed in paperback form AS it is ordered rather than ahead of time. As a matter of fact, you will find that these services will print your book, take their share of the profits, and send it to the person who requested it. This is a hands off approach that can really help your self publishing effort.

There are many different steps to DIY self publishing your own book of course, and you will want to make sure you send your book to editing before you publish. Once you have a perfectly crafted manuscript in your hands, publishing it will be a very simple matter. That being said, now would be the time to start looking into the different self publishing options. You have plenty of different choices to make, and once you find a path you want to take, you will find that you can easily spread word of your book, and expose both your words and your talent to the entire world!

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